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Proud manufacturers of SWISS-PLY

Since 1980 Alinox is headquartered in Eschlikon, Switzerland, from where we drive innovations in composite materials, with SWISS-PLY as our core innovative competence. and our global marketing expertise, we supply a select amount of industrial manufacturers with high quality materials and components. Our roots lie in the professional kitchen appliances industry, but everyday more industries discover the thermo conductive, hygienic properties of SWISS-PLY for their products and find their way to Eschlikon – be it in the automotive-, chemical- or solar industry. With our long history of engineering composites, and our know-how of integrating patented value-adds at the core of the multiply material it is safe to say we are the global composite core competence leader.

We hope to be able to welcome you in Switzerland soon to develop innovative solutions together.

Our Vision

Thanks to us, cooking is more environmentally friendly, easier and dishes are guaranteed to succeed. This allows people around the world to eat better and healthier.

Our Mission

With a lot of know-how, we produce and sell multi-layered, innovative SWISS-PLY plates made of aluminium and stainless steel in several variations and top quality. The thermodynamic effects resulting from the interaction of the materials are used in various applications.
Our business customers continue to process the cladded SWISS-PLY metal sheets, for example to digitally networked equipment for energy-saving, modern cooking or devices with surfaces for efficient and even temperature distribution, ideal for grilling or keeping food warm or cold.


Continuous improvement, a good quality management and sustainable climate protection are important to us. Therefore we are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and participate in the voluntary programme of the energy agency of economy to reduce CO2 and energy. 


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Core competence since 1980

Our roots in working with metals to optimize properties and functions go back to 1946 when Hermann Spring, the father of Markus Spring, laid the foundation for today’s successes.