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Discover why we call SWISS-PLY our "core performance material" in this interactive story.

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Core Performance

Discover 4 integral opportunities for your thermal solutions.

Voluminous core

SWISS-PLY with the aluminum core is available in gages of 1 to 50 mm, offering you all the heat or cold distributing and storing capacity your solution requires.

Embedded heating wires

Put your cooling or heating source not under, but ín the core of the thermo element! Direct and even temperature dispersion, easily installed - Plug & Play.

Embedded cooling channels

Straight through the heart of your components is where your cooling substances run. Can you imagine anything more effective? Keep it cool at the core.

Integrated Smartware

The next level of process optimization in industrial organizations is decided by integrating data. Have your mission critical thermo data wirelessly sent from the heart of the SWISS-PLY solution.

Over the years SWISS-PLY has been acknowledged for its outstanding innovations and performance.

Solution Partner

Material technology is nothing without the process technology to shape solutions to your specifications. Together with our trusted partners we are offering you these component solutions.


State-of-the-art eroding technology and TIN-coated tooling parts enable producing difficult part contours and obtaining a long service life of the cutting tools. 3D lasers enable the production of highly precise cutting edges at a maximum working range of 4000 x 2000 x 900 mm.


Whether it comes to TIG, MIG or MAG welding, we customize all standard welding methods to your specific requirements.

Professional Forming

Our machine equipment features state-of-the-art, CNC-controlled, hydraulic presses with a pressing force from 30 t. up to 2000 t. Our sophisticated technology masters the production of large-surface, asymmetrical end extremely deformed components.

Surface Finishing

In response to our customers’ high hygiene requirements we have acquired a wide range of surface processing skills: be it nano surface treatment, coating, enameling or electro polishing, you will find the right surface care for any application.

Fields of Application

Which industries benefit from the performance of SWISS-PLY

for close temperature control

Electric Appliances
uniform heat distribution

Professional Kitchen
highly hygienic and efficient performance

Heating Systems
automatic controlled temperature at the Curie Point

effective metal bonding

optimized process temperature

Printing industry
improved heating cycles

Medical industry
vacuum tight sealing

optimal tempering properties

Chemical industry
corrosion resistant in synergy with thermal properties

bonding heavy stainless and Alu parts

Automotive industry
vacuum tight connectors

Aircraft industry
safe performance in small spaces

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