Proud manufacturers of SWISS-PLY

Since 1980 Alinox is headquartered in Eschlikon, Switzerland, from where we drive innovations in composite materials, with SWISS-PLY as our core innovative competence. and our global marketing expertise, we supply a select amount of industrial manufacturers with high quality materials and components. Our roots lie in the professional kitchen appliances industry, but everyday more industries discover the thermo conductive, hygienic properties of SWISS-PLY for their products and find their way to Eschlikon – be it in the automotive-, chemical- or solar industry. With our long history of engineering composites, and our know-how of integrating patented value-adds at the core of the multiply material it is safe to say we are the global composite core competence leader.

We hope to be able to welcome you in Switzerland soon to develop innovative solutions together.


Markus Spring

Markus Spring is a direct ancestor of the visionary SPRING family that has consistently revolutionized mobile cooking from Eschlikon since the 1940ties. Markus, together with his father Hermann Spring, was the first to recognize the potential of multiply in Europe and founded the Alinox AG accordingly in 1980. Since then he has been responsible for the ALINOX operation.


More than 30 years of core competence

Our roots in working with metals to optimize properties and functions go back to 1946 when Hermann Spring, the father of Markus Spring, laid the foundation for today’s successes.


Alinox AG is founded as the result of a joint venture between SPRING and John Ulam from Clad Metals, providing the production know-how needed to produce multiply steel in Eschlikon, Switzerland, next to the SPRING factory.


Alinox AG starts its first production of multiply material in Europe. Hermann Spring and his son Markus Spring form the Management Team, with Norm Hoffstaedter responsible for Marketing, Product and Sales Development. The synergies and complementary talents and background of Markus Spring and his father with the expertise of manufacturing cookware (professional forming of multiply), and Norm Hoffstaedter with his expertise of Allegheny Specialty Steels and exposure to Key European Industries, becomes a perfect match.


Alinox develops the European cookware industry and actively explores other industrial applications – becoming a global niche expert and holder of several patents. They are a driving force in pioneering induction systems in Europe, initiated by the French Industry through companies like Cidelcem, EDF, Ugine and the University of Lyon.

1988 onwards

The global markets, particularly the USA and Asia are developed, improving the balance between cookware and industrial applications. Norm Hoffstaedter becomes a shareholder in 1992.


Alinox finds a close vertical SWISS-PLY component solution partner in Rieber, after the entry of Max Maier as a shareholder of Alinox AG. New opportunities arrive as the material meets the excellent forming and machining capabilities of Rieber. First successes are the Teppanyaki SWISS-PLY components sold to key players like Electrolux, BSH and Miele.


Alinox is proudly looking ahead with 5 multiply related patents, for e.g. ACT – automatic controlled temperature at the Curie Point , as a base for further product innovations. Activities are increasingly focused on developing industrial Swiss-PLY applications, on innovating from the multiply core and its embedded components.

Sadly, on July 24th 2013, one of the founding fathers, Norm Hoffstaedter, passed away. He will be missed dearly.